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Great footwork makes great players

Of all the aspects of squash which determine your ability to defeat an opponent, footwork is arguably the most important. If you have great footwork, you will be fast and efficient around the court and able to get into the very best positions to play your shots. This means throughout a match you will be more economical and consistent, especially under pressure and maximise your chances of winning.

The best squash players have always been the best movers, just look at all the legends of squash – Jahangir and Jansher Kahn, Geoff Hunt, and more recently Peter Nicol and Gregory Gaultier. Every one of them seem to move effortlessly and fluidly round the court, retrieving impossible shots and recovering in the blink of an eye.

The main attributes required for good Squash footwork and court movement are:


Works on any modern laptop computer

The beauty of Squash footwork Pro is that it works on any conventional laptop (Mac or PC), so there's no need for any expensive hardware or equipment – all you need is a laptop, some space and yourself! You don't even need a squash court, squash footwork pro works equally well when practising in your garden, the park, in your garage or even your house (if large enough!).

How does Squash Footwork Pro work?

Squash footwork Pro is software that emulates random (or sequential) ball positions on a virtual squash court allowing you to ghost into positions and play shots.

Just choose your level (beginner, improver or pro), select a routine type (random or normal*) and then the number of reps you would like to do.

Squash footwork pro select footwork routine

*The random programme will randomly place a ball on the court in one of 10 positions (see below). The normal programme moves the ball clockwise around the court, starting from the front-right corner. This would allow you to perform ghosting in sequence, sometimes called the 'star drill'. For an explanation of what ghosting is, you can see our FAQs section.

Squash footwork ghosting routine

(Diagram above shows the 10 ghosting positions generated by the software).

Once you've made your selection, you need to quickly position yourself on the T (or an equivalent place if you are not on a squash court).

You then see a virtual image of the squash court and after a short delay a squash ball will appear in the position you need to 'ghost' to. Move to the virtual ball, play your shot and then return to the T. Be quick though, your next shot will be coming up very soon!

Squash footwork ghosting routine

Ever been half way through a ghosting routine and lost count? No longer a problem - Squash Footwork Pro will keep a count of your shots remaining and also of the sets completed (a set is equivalent to 10 ghosts), so you can just concentrate on your footwork!

When you've finished you will see a summary of your routine and the time you took to play all your shots. From there you can play the same routine again or try an easier or more difficult routine depending on how you got on.

Summary of your ghosting routine

Quality footwork will improve any squash players game, whether you are looking to improve your recovery time to the T, work on your fitness, or improve your game in order to beat that player at the club that you can't quite defeat yet – then Squash Footwork Pro is the answer...and don't forget this product has a 14 day, no questions asked guarantee...

If you want killer footwork, you need Squash Footwork Pro - ORDER NOW!

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We're so confident that Squash Footwork Pro will improve your footwork, we offer a 14 day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee. Simply return your software and ask for a refund.

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